On Tuesday we had a workshop on winding and wrapping. The examples shown immediately convey a strong sense of mood through their deliberate colour placement choices. Designers use wrappings like these to design the warp of their weaves. I had seen this first hand when I visited the studio of weave designer Mary Restieaux over the summer and she demonstrated and instructed us on how to use dip dye on the yarn to create an Ikat design in the wrapping.

I found it very interesting to consider using different yarn qualities and textures next to eachother. As my objects demonstrate I am drawn to 3D textural qualities. It was surprising to see how using different thicknesses of yarn can convey these ideas in a rich and beautiful tactile manner. Adding wool under some of the yarns created more lift and an uneven quality in the wrapping whilst toying with the idea of coating and blocked areas of colour. I had used a neutral tone for the wool to suit the colour palette but I feel I could develop this using more brightly colored wools subtly covered by the organic tones from my natural remnants. I also became fascinated by trapping and winding some of my collected objects into the wrapping. Using the raw and organic twigs and forest debris encased and coated under vibrant colours from my distressed photos was exciting in the development of my concepts within material processes.

With my collection I am exploring the idea of fragmentation and I began to consider how to create connections between pieces that long to be whole again. I am considering taking the ideas from these 2d samples, to work back into some ofmy actual objects. I think the wrapping of soft threads and yarns could be a great juxtaposition to the jagged chipped edges of my rock fragments. I also noticed an intricate and delicate linear design on some of the rocks and it could be an idea to connect these in some way to those where I have manufactured this quality. I really enjoyed the process of wrapping as a means of drawing in a new way and I would love to develop some of the qualities I began experimenting with here, within the technical blocks.


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