Adding Colour

Developing on from my black and white swatch drawings, I began experimenting with colour. The way I chose to use colour had to be more sensitive and selective, as the brief was to only use 2 colours per box. I really loved the rich colours and
texture of the photos within my box. To explore this within these focused constraints, I selected areas and juxtapositions of colours that struck me and cut them out to create small photo swatch ideas, responding to the matted and varied surface texture of some of my organic fragments.

As I began drawing I realised it was important to use not only the right colours, but the tones and shades that together would convey the essence of the texture I was trying to describe. I considered the interplay between the proportion of different colours. Bold block areas of  contrasted to more considered detailed marks. I was particularly interested to explore qualities of opacity and translucency through my media to show the layered depth of textures within my objects. From mark making within these swatch boxes I can now see how to develop my drawing in a more experimental expressive way going forward.


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