The idea that it is often through breaking something up that we get closer to the true being of the original, is one that is becoming central to my concept for the Box Clever project. We explored this idea in drawing with Kathy through a consideration of grids, cutting up and dissecting chosen forms with our imaginations. It also seems to be relevant within the drawing process as we pull from an object to extract information. As a personal development I went on to further pursue this idea and decided to use the photocopier as a ‘drawing’ process of its own.

By taking 3d objects to the photocopier and reducing them to flat images I am able to explore surface as well as space. Although the image is 2d, the object still has a depth of shadow and form, almost trapped within the page. I was extremely intrigued by not only this new version of the object but also the machine’s interpretation of light and space. This interest came about due to the uneven, extended forms of the objects that obstructed the closing of the photocopier lid. This translated in a stripped pattern, often directed in a juxtaposition, against the lay of the object. This visual ‘interruption’ in the image was striking as it possessed a similarity to the original surfaces I created with the photos and tape peeling.

With this reflection there could be great potential in creating and working from imagery with this linear overlaid pattern. As I photographed the images I also played  with light and shadow to bring yet another layer to the surface. It is as though each new way of recording my objects, brings its own form of intervention and disruption to leave a transformed multi layered image. In a way the compilation of processes embodies the idea of trying to puzzle together the fragments of my objects. By combining these layers I feel this idea could become quite fascinating when I go on to try print and work on photoshop.


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