Linear Textures

With my stitch experiments I have gone on to explore trapping further. Instead of quilting, trapping through a process of layering within, I wanted the ephemera now to texture and be seen on the top surface. I began combining my fabrics with more unusual and mixed media materials, seen here with the toothpicks, affixed to the fabric with a zig-zag stitch. I adjusted the stitch length to explore the disrupted lines within a drawing inspired by a tyre from my collection. I wanted to play with the concept of disguise and areas of visibility, which was something Yemi responded to in the tutorial. By showing her the drawing and having the object on hand we were able to discuss what was so alluring in the object and found it derived from the relationship between line, hard, fluffy and tactile textures. Yemi liked the fragmented quality and suggested beading and stitching shapes in linear patterns, mimicing my drawings. This was a fresh idea and not a process I would have considered alone, her suggestion to iron sequins to remove the shiny plastic connotations was transformative to the organic 3D textures I explored with the beading.

I feel as though I have pushed myself within my making and approach to the stitch pathway and with each suggestion or new technique I enjoy discovering my own individual realisation. Moving forward the I can see the mixed media making will develop in these samples.  Further techniques shown by Aimee using the iron and heat press with bondaweb, foil, flock and transfer paper are promising. Looking at how I add colour the heat transfer paper could become a way of fusing more intricate processes with bolder blocks of fragmented colour seen in my drawings.


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