And we continue to draw..

The last drawing day of the week was with painter Will Stevens. With tutors coming from various backgrounds in art and design, it is exciting to see the different and sometimes similar takes they bring to drawing lessons. Drawing is a practice that unites us through our creative practice and I find it engaging to explore drawing in these new ways. Will questioned the idea of control through his workshop, commenting that often working very tightly can sometimes produced quite stale drawings and when we push ourselves to loosen up, the results are much more exciting.  Using rolls of paper we began drawing a series off interpretations of a chose object, working from true to size and very detailed to much more expressive and larger scale. On top of this came the time constraint, as we had reduced time to work and larger ground to cover, the mark had to be exaggerated and suggestive. I enjoyed immensely working on a much larger scale, often within textiles I find we forget to work much bigger than A2 but these drawings can hold some really provocative ideas and inspiration. It was exciting being freer, even if it was just sitting on the floor, sprawled over the drawing, with urgency pushing to create sweeping gestures that ended up being lively, fluid.

Our second task of the day was a group exercise that moved away from our objects. With the rolls of paper laid across the room overlapping each other, we faced a partner at the other end of the roll, our drawing tools joined with string.  The idea was now to draw a portrait of the other upside-down, starting  from their knees and moving upwards.

Before we began this exercise Will had us practice drawing a portrait without any of these obstacles and made us think about how to capture the subject, what were their defining characteristics? With Francesca I immediately noticed her striking curly hair and this was helpful in the second drawing as it was difficult to get a likeness with the facial features due to the tension and erratic pull however this made for really exciting and wild marks of their own when I moved onto capturing the hair. This whole workshop was really exciting and probably for me the most enjoyable so far. I am definitely going to continue to work larger scale and be experimental with how I approach drawing, considering levels of control, possibly within a single drawing also.



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