Rows upon Rows

In the morning of this independent study day I visited the Handweaver’s Studio in Finsbury Park for yarn research. As soon as I arrived I was in awe, the shelves were stacked, floor to ceiling in rich blocks of colour on cones, rolls and in bags of wool. This experience was very different to fabric shopping within Stitch, where it was more of an excavation mission, uncovering the hidden materials from different corners of the shop. Here having everything immediately on show was alluring in another way, everywhere you looked different textured and colours of yarn were open to be explored. It was amazing to see the different types of yarn available, from plastic and metallic coatings to those made from natural fibres like pineapple or banana. I can already tell this experience will also be helpful for when I come to the weave pathway. Within my knitting yesterday I was drawn to the  combination of thin and thicker yarns, with the different levels they created. Depending on the material the yarn was spun from, there were either very luxurious shiny qualities or more coarse matt textures.

The availability of different tones of colour made me very wary of my consideration of colour from my drawings. It is probably very easy to get distracted and seduced by a colour that probably isn’t exactly right. I feel as though I explored some exciting colour combinations yesterday with the machine. With the yarns being so expensive I decided I wanted to experiment further with techniques first and then reflect to see what might be missing in my samples. Seeing the variety of yarn made me aware of pushing my exploration of different types of materials and how I can knit with yarns of different textures to create qualities conveyed in my drawing. To make use of the colour resource around me in the shop I decided to use photos to create different colour palettes from the drawings I had on hand. Mixing colours that were unexpected also brought about some interesting ideas that I will explore when I get back to the machines.


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