Expanding Knit Techniques

As I continue practising with the knit techniques I am keen to start responding to my visual research and make connections. From this I will be able to explore the pathway in a more experimental and personal way. I have found, having had the stitch block first very helpful as I begin to do this. I am now looking at my drawings in new and more inquisitive ways, questioning how can I express the marks and have found myself able to move more fluently from drawing to material process and application. The ideas I experimented with may not always turn out as I expect but I am then able to push on through experimentation and try again by responding to a previous sample.

My drawings that explore colour have been more influential in my knit development. Within several drawings the colour comes through in a speckled detailing. Using a boucle yarn with a white and black mix I was able to explore this quality and also mix in the blue in a cohesive way. As I develop the knit processes I am fascinated by yarns and how they behave together texturally and tonally. In particular I admired the iridescent colour quality of the green against the wooly textures. By varying the width and length of my samples I have uncovered different aesthetics. I was amazed by the process of making chords that in themselves could become a unique yarn to hand knit or could be manipulated within other machine samples. After practising a lot with the transfer process I finally grasped the technique and think this could yield more complex and exciting results to be developed.

The samples above pull from the green and blue colour palettes and whilst I found these combinations successful I wanted to explore other prospects from my visual information. With the black and white yarn I saw a connection with the rock drawing beneath. The sensitive and smaller proportion of red was quite striking and I found this effective when developed in the knit process. Along with this colour I wanted to explore a sense of weightiness and fragility. The thicker yarns then allowed me to create some intriguing ridged surfaces by knitting on alternate hooks. This then led thinner yarn that follows  to have looser open stitches in juxtaposition to the more solid knit preceding.


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