Journey Towards Knit Final Samples

As I work towards making my final samples I am continually learning new skills and using this to progress my development. Tim showed us various ways to embellish a knitted sample on the machine. Using the e-wrap technique from casting on I explored adding fringes, which I found gave a tactile dimension. The fringes worked better with the raffia rather than soft yarns as they held their shape whereas the wool became confused and lost. Within my sampling, learning how to hook hand knits samples onto the machine gave a differentiation in weight, which was appealing. As I combined various methods I found the samples becoming more personalised and exciting in response to my inspiration.

Although knit gives a specified end result I have seen through the process of making and observing the 2nd and 3rd years how innovative the results can be. As we all continue to experiment I can also see how each individual has adapted the techniques and are producing really exciting personal outcomes. From the samples below I am most interested to explore the concept of reattaching in different ways, I think the red yarn manipulations that I hooked into the grey sample are very compelling and have the potential to be developed. However I feel the grey and red colour palette is very separate from my other samples. I don’t want to abandon the colours though because the red brings a boldness that I think could be exciting. The question is now how to incorporate this cohesively within my final pieces.

The processes using the holding levers in various ways allowed for some intriguing techniques as seen below. With these we began to explore shape and in turn colour combinations and mixing to different effects. In my tutorial with Julie we decided I should pursue the techniques using the holding levers and consider facing the triangular shapes in the same direction to give a curve, complementary to the circular forms in the drawings of my crystal plate. To move forward with my ideas to create more considered and refined samples I thought very carefully and planned. I found using photocopies and collaging them a productive way to realise new compositions for my knit final samples. From these I trialled how the ideas could be implemented, in order for the end result to posses a better sensitivity- the feedback I had from my stitch samples.


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