Assessment Block 2

For my final knit samples I wanted to create a collection of samples that express an interest in form, tactile elements and colour. From my previous sampling experimentation, I reflected on these successes to develop my final pieces. In order to combine the grey and red colour palette, as coherent within the collection, I adjusted original grey tone, with a cool undertone to a warmer tone which was also featured in my drawings.

From my visual research I looked to emulate the prominent curved edges and forms. With knit I found there were so many techniques to keep in mind and I saw it becoming easily confused and overcomplicated with my latest experiments. To move forward I decided to focus on manipulating a single method and explore in more depth a compelling approach to proportions of colour. In my zigzag sample, I alternated the direction to creat an undulating form that I found draped beautifully upon presentation. I explored a tonal range of colour with pops of the ochre tone and brighter green that were more unexpected. Also through adjusting the tension I achieved a  contrast between breathier areas and more dense sections of knit.

I did come across some technical obstacles, where small mistakes led me to need to re-hook a single sample several times over. Although I know the pieces were perfect I feel they communicated an aesthetic I was pleased with, demonstrating my experimental approach.

Below are some images from the technical notebook. Although the process isn’t as immediate as the stitch making there is a certain satisfaction to creating something new with a established skill. I found my feedback for the block to be very encouraging, with my intentions for the samples being recognised. From the first assessment the presentation of my samples has improved substantially, Julia did give a note however that I should try and present my visual research more meaningfully. Moving forward I will keep this in mind and respond to this contructively for the next block.


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