Weaving through


Getting Inspired

I have been sourcing some inspiring imagery for my weave exploration on Pinterest. Many of these seem complicated for the level that I am at right now and don’t necessarily fit with my warp design. Despite this it is fascinating to see the possibilities within weave and also its material realisation within garments. I am drawn to the contrast of texture, surfaces and more unexpected tactile 3d elements, particularly seen in All Roads collection of woven textiles. Another textile artist I found incredibly inspiring was the work of Aurelia Munoz, who makes truly stunning woven installation pieces that are innovative and dynamic. Her work is something I will definitely research further as it fascinates me to see practitioners taking craft methods and subverting their traditional worth.

(Top image: Geo Weaving, Cotton, jute, wool. Welded steel. 2013, Available from <http://www.allroadsdesign.com/textiles/neongeoweaving&gt;)

Here are a few of my favourite examples so far: