Deceptions & Perceptions of Space

ps check 2Check research imagery, challenging the connotations of regularity and order through the media of photography and the ability to overlay and superimpose shape and line to form these fragmented intersections of grid like structures.




Image manipulation

Quality of Line

Quick drawing from crystal rock plate, exploring the depth of colour and tone whilst also trying to convey the differentiation between texture. The fluid boarder of rich teal and turquoise colour that surrounds the middle layer of crystallised textures.

This drawing was a very crucial addition to my drawing work for the print block and led me to the work of Richard Weston. These gorgeous cropped sections are abstracted from the original form and hone in on the intricacies of the crystal rock formation. The various blurred colour and more scratchy drawn marks inspire me to combine drawing marks I have made with more photographic qualities together in CAD prints.